The curious life…

The curious life. I’d like to say that kind of defines the way I live. Or at least hope that it does.

For the past couple of years, my Italian heritage has kind of spurred my passion and curiosity for life, personally and professionally. About two months ago, I made an amazing discovery. I qualify for Italian dual citizenship. That’s right, I can hold not only the highly coveted American citizenship, but can also hold that of my family’s mother country – Italy. Viva Italia!

So I’ve started my journey back to my roots. And I plan on keeping the world abreast of my “trip”. The process will be long. Injuries may be had. But in the end I plan on proudly waving both my flags and journeying home. And then back again. And then of course, maybe back the other way.

Let the journey begin… que sera, sera…



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3 responses to “The curious life…

  1. Bella, bella! I am so jealous of your future dual citizenship, but I’m inspired to look into Irish dual citizenship. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. (Dominic the Donkey would be proud…)

  2. Oh so jealous. When I was looking for a job in Spain, I would have given my right arm for dual citizenship. But there probably wouldn’t have been a huge demand to hire a one-armed American with broken Spanish.

    Yeah, Gill, let’s see if we can milk our 1/8 Irish heritage for all it’s worth!

  3. Mary Jane Doise

    The Italian Consulate would be proud – as Dad and I are of the hard work you’ve put into this project ( like all your work, you put in 150%). I’m just so glad you left out the date of your mother’s birth. Love, Mom

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