Solo due giorni!

Today, to my utmost surprise, I received a FedEx package from the Louisiana Secretary of State. That’s right. Barely 48 hours ago, I sent my package to them and it has already returned. For a state that usually takes a while in getting paperwork done and has had many errors on those documents once received, they got this done crazy quick.

These innocent, important little papers have now traveled 3600 miles round trip only to sit with me until I get everything else together. It’s slightly bittersweet. I have a huge chunk off my checklist, but I know the documents that I’m waiting on will be a while.

Apart from the two death certificates that I’m going to have to amend, I’m only waiting on three other documents. Seems like nothing, right?

But the early 1900s have kind of entered the black hole of data storage. I’ve mentioned before my search for naturalization records, that’s a whole long mess with Homeland Security and the Citizenship and Immigration office trying to locate files from 1910. Luckily the researcher there has told me that I’m on the simple track which is less than a 10 month wait list. So that’s good.

The other document I’m looking for is a Texas marriage license. According to the family historian, my great-grandparents Anna and Liborio, were married in 1900 in Houston. I’ve checked with three of the counties in and around Houston and no one can find record of the marriage. I’ve since sanctioned the help of the Archdiocese of Houston & Galveston to search their archives. Hopefully God is on my side with this one, cause if I can’t prove they were married, I’m not exactly sure how the Italian government will feel about an illegitimate third generation Italian American trying to claim citizenship. I wonder if they accept wedding photos as proof?

I’m leaps ahead of where I thought I’d be today. So there.


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