Texas oh Texas…

Not to disappoint you, but this is not the start of me boldly singing the Texas state song… no. Definitely not. Texas has potentially misplaced (indefinitely) the marriage record for those good hearted Sicilians who went on to create what I know as my family (on my mother’s side).

I hope this is all a rouse and someone’s going to pop out from a curtain to say: “Ha! We fooled you! We had the document all along. Just wanted to see you squirm. And boy was that good fun!” Alas, that’s not currently the case. I’ve received an email saying, we still have yet to find any record… anywhere. Buuuut we’ll look two more places. We doubt it will be there, but we’re still hopeful. What?

Doubtfully Hopeful?? Hopefully doubting? Does that even make sense? I’m not sure. To illustrate this point, I’ll give you what google image search gave me when I searched for “hopefully doubting”:

If you can’t read that, it says that the United Nations station there in Northern Iraq would only be there for 100 days… that started July 14, 2002. That’s more than five years past the deadline they gave. I’m going to hope that’s not the way my quest for Italian citizenship goes.

But strong I shall stand. And courageous I shall continue on this journey…determined that I will find that record somewhere (Along with those few others I’m still hunting down).

Quest’é la mia vita per ora (This is my life for now). A hopeful doubter… I’m not sure I want to take on that role though. I think I’ll stick with the relentless wanderer for now.



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2 responses to “Texas oh Texas…

  1. Is there anything Texas can’t do?

  2. Anna (Marcello) Evans

    I just discovered your site today…am enjoying it.
    I have Grandfather (to me) Libirio’s naturalization paper and had asked Chris to tell you months ago, but I guess he forgot–he is quite busy.
    Years ago I did the genealogy on my mother’s side
    (your Great Aunt “Kat”). Leo was working on the Marcello side and our plan was to get together. Sadly, my brother Frank’s health deteriorated, as well as my cousin Leo’s did also. We lost them a few months apart. Leo and I were only three months apart at our births. I miss him so much. Did talk with Chris a few day ago. Hope to hear from you.
    Cousin Anna

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