Does that translate?

So, here are a few things I’ve done over the past two days to further my path to Italian citizenship, as well as just to grab on to those nice Italian roots…

– Sent a letter off to Dr. Maria Concetta Fontana in Sicily begging for additional certified copies of birth certificates in order to right the wrongs of the Louisiana paper trail… here’s hoping my Italian makes sense to her.

– Emailed very distant cousin on my great-grandmother’s side of the family in hopes that he might have some information on when and where my grand-grandparents got married.

– Continually called the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles to make an appointment but to no avail… Alas, a Catch 22. Must make an appointment by phone, yet they don’t answer the phone. Oh, and they don’t accept voice mails either. Sigh.

– Chuckled to myself on some language hurdles:

  • Piú means more. So at the end of a concert, when the crowd yells, “More! More!”, you’d say, “Piú! Piú!” If you yelled that here, the band might think you were saying they were terrible.
  • The above then reminded me of when I was in Italy last year, I was asked how long I had known a mutual friend we were discussing. I said I had known him for one year. However, I pronounced it “ano” not “anno,” and laughter ensued from my Italian counterpart, as ano means anus.

– And I’ve started reading a collection of Italian Folktales by Italo Calvino.

So far I’ve only read his introduction and the first two folktales. Apart from my amusement with the two folktales, I am utterly intrigued with Calvino’s two year journey through history and small towns to put together the collection. I can totally see a film focused on Italo Calvino putting together all the folktales. It would be fun and whimsical, a sort of historical fairy tale… and perhaps starring Roberto Benigni. Though, maybe I shouldn’t mention my brilliant idea here, what if someone should read it and take it. Hmmm… I could be too late. Whoops.

What do you think?

…yeah, I thought so.


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One response to “Does that translate?

  1. Ciao Kathleen

    I never could get through to the consulate either, so I took a trip down there. I had almost all my paperwork finished, had the citizenship department look at it all to give me feedback and was able to make an appointment that day for their first available slot…18 months in the future!

    I would definitely make the trip down there to make the appointment. They’re so backlogged, that even if you still need to gather paperwork, you’ll have plenty of time.

    If you need another contact in Sicily, let me know. The guy that helped me find the necessary paperwork was wonderful. He even found me some living relatives and “introduced” me to them. After gathering up the frequent flyer miles, I made a trip to Sicily to meet them!

    I also used a woman in Laguna for the necessary translations. Both were reasonably priced.


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