Time to get up and dance…

So, Dave Freeman, author of “100 Things to Do Before You Die” died yesterday at the age of 47.  Shocked that he was so young, it makes me think I might need to be more adventurous.  Or at least do all the things on my lists of wants and wishes.

And so to inspire, I’ve found some Italian proverbs to get me off my arse and marking items off my checklist…

Chi non fa, non falla.

  • Those who do nothing, make no mistakes.

Chi non risica, non rosica.

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Oggi in figura, domani in sepoltura.

  • Here today, gone tomorrow.

Chi pò, non vò; chi vò, non pò; chi sà, non fà; chi fà, non sà; e così, male il mondo và.

  • Who can do, don’t want to; who wants to, can’t do; who knows how to do, won’t do it; who does it, doesn’t know how to; and so badly goes the world.

Slightly inspiring, yet slightly disheartening.  Hmmm. I’ll give you my own:

Vedi il mondo, vivi i tuoi sogni ed impari accettare che sarà, sarà. (See the world, live your dreams, and learn to accept whatever will be, will be.)


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