Storm’s a-brewing…

Alright, there’s a storm in the Gulf… again.

And as has been discussed at great length, my great-grandparents were married in the Houston-Galveston area.  The document which has still yet to surface looks like it may be washed away with the onset of Ike.  Now, this may be news to some, but Anna (the resilient maternal force that started my family stateside) lived through the great storm of 1900 in Galveston.  My Uncle Leo, a great poet, once wrote a poem about Anna living through that storm.  Perhaps I’ll post it later for your inspiration.  But it just seems like there’s some kind of a theme with her and these great storms in Galveston.  My hope is that my missing document will be as resilient as she was in that other storm.

Well since the 1900 disaster, Galveston has built some pretty sturdy storm walls.  Storm walls that aren’t looking quite high enough to stop this:

Rise in Water Levels for Imke

Now I know hurricanes are fickle little (and sometimes not so little) things.  But in the event that my missing document “is washed away,” where does this leave me? Do you think the Italian Consulate will accept a letter from the state saying, “Ike ate her homework”?

I hope, for the sake of Galveston and all the people who stayed and decided not to listen to the authorities, that this storm doesn’t do the damage they are predicting.  And that those ridiculous news anchors who continually rally the panicking cries will learn to do something productive with their time.

In the meantime, I’m just going to hope that my missing document is sealed away in some airtight/water-resistant space that the county clerks previously forgot to check.


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