The Gender Issue

In the times of intercontinental snail mail and language barriers, what do you do when your certified hand- written Italian birth certificates arrive with the wrong gender written?? Confused? Yes, as was I.  I requested additional certified copies of my great-grandparents birth certificates from Italy so that I can amend their Louisiana death certificates.  Welllll, I received my additional copies, and lo and behold, Liborio AND Anna are listed with gender: maschile.  For those of you not completely familiar with Italian or any latin based words, that would mean “male”.

It’s funny, ironic, and a bit annoying.

Two years ago, when I finally switched over to the dark side and caved into applying for a California driver’s license, there was a small mishap on the issuance of my license.  I passed my written test with flying colors, however, when my license arrived in the mail, it declared “Sex: M”… yes, it’s true.  For about a week, I was a man in the eyes of California.  The old man at the Hollywood DMV told me he couldn’t fix the license without proof. He told me he didn’t doubt my story, but he gets a lot of men coming into that DMV claiming to be women. Fortunately I had my birth certificate as proof and did not have to drop my trousers.  So now that this mishap has happened again (side note: this happened to my sister on her college ID as well), I simply find it funny and well, ironic. But not in that Alanis Morisette rain on your wedding day sort of way…

I’m going to go ahead and have my lovely father bring these documents in to the Louisiana Records Office and attempt to amend the death certificates.  My hope is that the wonderfully nice old women there don’t notice the word maschile on both birth certificates.  I’ll let you know how that works out for me.


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  1. Apparently, mistaken gender identity runs in the family! The thought of you having to prove to an old man at the DMV that you were a woman made me laugh out loud.

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