Parlo francese! (kind of)

There’s a slight hiatus on the Italian citizenship. I’m at a standstill just kind of waiting for paperwork to be “found”… in the meantime, in honor of my finding my Italian roots, I’m going to go discover some other great nation. France. Spontaneity is fun.

Story: My friend Gill is on an all expense paid trip to the south of France to take photos. Yes, it’s true. The heavens have smiled upon her. She has hit the jackpot of luck (though, her photo skills and knowledge of the French language might have helped too). And well, I’m in a lucky boat as well, with a cheap flight and a boss that understands the importance of travel… and being young and impulsive, I’ll be traveling the French Riviera in T minus two days.

Thus, in the interim of my citizenship application, I’ll be bringing you the tales of our French adventures. I’ll try not to censor my stories. But as I said a moment earlier, I’m young and impulsive, so I might have to spare certain details to protect the innocent.

Parlez vou Français? Me? Not really. Ma io parlo italiano!


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  1. Eeeeeee! I am SO excited for you to get here! Your français is way better than some of the crap I’ve heard here. Officially, the Brits have the WORST French accents I’ve ever encountered. You’re fluent by comparison. Can’t wait to be drinking wine with you at noon! A bientôt, mon trésor…

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