21 November 1909

Today would have been my grandfather’s 99th birthday. I never got to meet him. Though I sometimes feel like I have from all the stories I’ve been told and all the photos and old home movies I’ve seen. I know he was a remarkable man and it does truly make me sad sometimes that I never got to hold his hand or hear him say cute grandfatherly things.

But venturing from that sad thought brings me to the wonder that is today. Ninety-nine years ago today my grandfather was born to two immigrant parents in DeRidder, Louisiana. Two immigrant parents who on this day had yet to make any formal declaration of becoming US citizens, giving that cute little baby boy Italian citizenship without any of them realizing it. How do I know this?

Well, two days ago I received a package from the US Immigration and Citizenship Office. My request for research on Liborio Mancuso Marcello has been completed. I have copies of all of his naturalization paperwork. Granted the lovely researchers ignored my request for certified copies, so I have to go back to these people and request that they actually do that. Which, on the time line they’ve been working, will most likely take another six months.

Apart from that development, I’ve been to one Italian language meetup where I was less than satisfactory in my Italian speaking. BUT practice is practice. There are a couple more Italian get togethers in the area before Christmas. So if I get myself off to those, there you have it, more practice.

Plus, my younger brother has just recently started studying Italian as well! That’s right, we’re getting the train moving. Soon everyone will be speaking Italian with me!

Io so che volete a parlare italiano con me… don’t lie to yourself, i know it’s true!


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One response to “21 November 1909

  1. dsharona

    I am so excited about your new Italian adventures! I cannot wait til the day that we are meeting up in Europe, to grab a quick espresso!

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