FOIA Friends

Naturalization Papers are still in the process of being certified.  It’s been nearly six weeks and all they need to do is put a couple little stamps on a few sheets of paper.  You wouldn’t think this would be such an intensive task that needs six weeks to complete.  But that is life I guess.

My new friends in the FOIA office are Danny and John.  Both very helpful and very friendly.   Danny has just called me back to let me know why the certification is taking so long. Apparently they were holding off on certification until they found the records for Anna as well. But now that they know that I’d prefer they just certify Liborio’s and send those along while finishing up with Anna, they’re going to get right to it!

Still no marriage license, but I’m going to go with my plan to have everything but the marriage license and see if I can squirm my way through the system.  If there’s any truth in astrology, I might be in luck! The Gemini is supposedly very sneaky in getting what she wants through scheming and flattery… I think it’s the twins working together maybe.


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  1. dsharona

    I’m excited to hear there is more progress in the right direction. If only you could just do it all yourself it would take much less time! Scheme, scheme away my lovely Gemini friend….can’t wait to see your fancy Italian passport!

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