Update with no real update

I received not one but two messages from USCIS today.  You’d think this would be leading to good news. Productive news.  Alas, this is not the case.

I first received an email asking if I’d yet received the certified copies of the Certificate of Naturalization for Liborio Marcello.  Answer is no, but at least they are working on it and diligent in making sure I do in fact get this certified copy.

About an hour after that, the mail arrived at the office with, lo and behold, a letter from USCIS telling me they’ve come up empty on my request for Anna Liggio Marcello.

While yes it’s true I’ve gotten close to squat in actual documents today, I do know that (1) the Certificate of Naturalization for Liborio is most likely almost in my hands and (2) since there is no record on Anna, I just need to write the lovely people in DC and get my official letter stating there is in fact no record.

Getting closer… kind of.


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One response to “Update with no real update

  1. dsharona

    glad to hear things are still in motion even if the gears are a bit rusty on their side of things!

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