All in a day’s work…

I am seriously ridiculous. Somehow I managed to incorporate Italian into most of today. Details to follow… For now, here is the brief summary:

  1. Delicious coffee and cake at Italian bakery
  2. Looked into Italian language schools
  3. Thoroughly researched buying land in Sicily
  4. Came up with brilliant reality show idea allowing me to move to Italy
  5. Wished a couple of people Happy Birthday in Italian
  6. Found a few delicious recipes for classic Sicilian dishes
  7. And finally purchased The Godfather Restoration Set


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3 responses to “All in a day’s work…

  1. visitsangemini

    ciao Vita Curiosa,
    sono Francesca…I’m italian..I’ve just started to be a blogger…
    It’s intersting and very funny your blog… you’ve explaind how to make “PARMIGIANA” very well…great…!!

    • Kathleen

      Ciao, Francesca! Mille grazie! Sono Kathleen e la mia famiglia é italiana. Quale mi rende l’italiano anche! I’m glad you enjoy. What’s your blog?

      • visitsangemini

        Hi Kathleen…
        sorry not for keeping in touch for so long time…but I had some staff to work off.

        Anyway,with my blog I want to introduce my hometown called SAN GEMINI which is placed in Umbria, to people who want to learn italian and cookery school.

        I’m going to improve it and put on more photos…

        happy to hear from you.

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