San Giuseppe!

I’ve been slacking for a bit on the Italian updates.  But in honor of dear ole St. Joseph, I thought it only fitting that I hop back on the band wagon.  Nothing new in the arena of my Italian citizenship, but hopefully soon I’ll get into gear and find a loophole to move that along.

Two days ago, I celebrated my lack of Irish heritage with a little St. Patrick’s Day fun.  I will celebrate anything. Apparently, March 23 is National Puppy Day. Perhaps that means I should go get a puppy?? Hmmm, I wish.

Well, today is St. Joseph’s Day.  And in honor of my Sicilian heritage, I will celebrate!  The festivities aren’t quite as fun as St. Patrick’s day, but whatevs.  Tonight I will make sfinge.  (Recipe posted here last year.)  I have also been wanting to check out the Italian church in downtown LA.  They apparently have Mass in Italian every Sunday and I’ve never made it down there.  They have a huge St. Joseph’s Table every year and it lasts all weekend.  So, if my plan works out, I will wake up on Sunday morning and venture downtown for some Italian church and food.

And here’s a random Italian phrase to use this weekend… adding this to the pick-up line bank.

Il mio bicchiere si sente solo. Vorresti tenergli compagnia con il tuo?
• My drink is getting lonely. Would you like to join me with yours?

Use it well, my friends.  And Buon la Festa di San Giuseppe!


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9 responses to “San Giuseppe!

  1. Hahaha, I love the “my drink is getting lonely” pick-up line. Come to me…

  2. Forgot to ask you Wed night – how did you get a name like Kathleen – one of the most classic Irish female names there are – without being Irish a bit?

  3. Kathleen

    I know. It’s a classic Irish name. You’d think I’d at least have a smidge of Irish in me, but no. There are actually several women on the Marcello side of my family named Kathleen. But I’m not entirely sure of the Italian roots. Research project starts now.

  4. Secret

    I have a crush on you…

  5. We need to get you writing again.

  6. Graydon Chiappetta

    Any more on the dual citizenship? Louisiana records are truly bad!!

    • Kathleen

      They are truly the worst. But I’ve been worse than that because I have let me quest slip and haven’t finished it up yet. The issues with the Louisiana documents might be too big a barrier to overcome but I’m thinking I will have to just visit the Italian Consulate and see what they have to say.

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