Just embarrassing

Seriously sad.  I have neglected posting anything since March 19, 2010.  That’s pathetic. Though I don’t have any news on the citizenship front, so I could just be trying to avoid admitting that I’ve totally slacked off.

There might not be any news on the citizenship, however I have done plenty of cooking in the Italian arena.

Last Thanksgiving, I took my first try at making rice balls (aka arancini).  My entire life, I’ve sat in awe of my Uncle Sam’s rice balls at the dining room table.  So delicious. So perfect.  The smell of fried cheesy rice heaven filling the house.  My mom eventually learned to make them by studying her brother make them step by step.  And her first attempt was a small failure to those of us knowing what they should taste like (note: she has since had no problems and also makes delicious rice balls).  So of course, when I decided I would attempt them for a large group Thanksgiving extravaganza, I was more than a tad anxious.

*photo by Dara Weinberg

It may or may not be surprising that they were hands down delicious.  Though always much nicer to have someone else prepare. They are a bit labor intensive.  But look how pretty:

I’m gonna keep this recipe to family, but basically it’s a really cheesy rice mixture stuffed with a spicy meat mixture rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Hard not to be delicious.

I’ll most likely make them again this year, since they were such a big hit last year.  Plus, I really love them. Though, I think I’ll try making a few vegetarian ones this year so that those few sad meatless folks can enjoy them too.

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