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Sam Thomas Marcello

My blog posts are starting to consist of family obituaries. It’s been just over a month and I still can’t believe it. On March 3rd, my Uncle Sam died unexpectedly. He was truly and amazing uncle, father, husband, brother, cousin, friend and all around man.  Everyone that knew him loved him. He was the best. When we were growing up, he hadn’t yet started his family, so he was around a lot. Helping my dad build Christmas presents and making his famous rice balls. He was the comedian of the family.  Always able to make you laugh. His own laugh was completely contagious. Just like the rest of the Marcellos, Sam was very musical and could sit down and play the piano for fun.

I was only about 12, but I remember being at his wedding in Houston and celebrating with the whole family. Dancing in the courtyard.  My Uncle Sam was always the happiest but when Clara joined him, he truly did glow. Clara has been a great addition to our family.  Along with my crazy amazing little cousins, Grace & Sophie.  Sam was so proud of his girls.

The Marcello family keeps getting smaller. It breaks my heart to think about our holidays and future celebrations without them here to join us.  Uncle Sam read a blessing at our wedding and I’ll treasure that.  My family needs all the thoughts and prayers it can get.  Sam’s girls need all the thoughts and prayers they can get.  We’ve lost a treasure and it’s too hard to think about.  We’ve got to keep his joyous memories alive and remember the man who made us laugh.

Uncle Sam and Kathleen Christmas

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